Horizon Europe Calls for 2023/2024 Just Opened

New Horizon Europe calls for 2023/2024 just opened, offering funding opportunities for research and innovation projects in Europe and beyond. Digital for Planet has selected the most promising calls aimed at advancing sustainable digital innovation under Horizon Europe Cluster 4.

Open Calls for Sustainable Digital Innovation in Cluster 4

To support Europe’s twin transition and climate-neutrality ambitions, several open calls under Horizon Europe’s Cluster 4 – Digital, Industry, and Space are funding projects that advance sustainable digital technologies in the areas of industrial and space research and innovation.

The Digital for Planet team has prepared a selection of calls that have just opened and will close on 7 February 2024, which may be of interest to academia, industry and SMEs working to develop innovative and sustainable digital technologies for manufacturing, industrial resource efficiency and excellence.

HORIZON-CL4-2024-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-03: Manufacturing as a Service: Technologies for customised, flexible, and decentralised production on demand (Made in Europe Partnership)

  • Type of action: Research and Innovation Action (RIA)
  • Budget: EUR 35.00 million

HORIZON-CL4-2024-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-05: Technologies/solutions to support circularity for manufacturing (Made in Europe Partnership)

  • Type of action: Research and Innovation Action (RIA)
  • Budget: EUR 36.00 million

HORIZON-CL4-2024-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-38: Hubs for circularity for industrialised urban peripheral areas (Processes4Planet partnership)

  • Type of action: Innovation Action (IA)
  • Budget: EUR 40.00 million

HORIZON-CL4-2024-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-41: Breakthroughs to improve process industry resource efficiency (Processes4Planet partnership) 

  • Type of action: Research and Innovation Action (RIA)
  • Budget: EUR 30.00 million

HORIZON-CL4-2024-RESILIENCE-01-36: Advanced biomaterials for the Health Care

  • Type of action: Innovation Action (IA)
  • Budget: EUR 31.00 million

HORIZON-CL4-2024-RESILIENCE-01-24: Development of safe and sustainable by design alternatives

  • Type of action: Innovation Action (IA)
  • Budget: EUR 59.00 million

HORIZON-CL4-2024-RESILIENCE-01-41: ‘Innovate to transform’ support for SME’s sustainability transition

  • Type of action: Coordination and Support Action (CSA)
  • Budget: EUR 10.00 million

Digital for Planet has a long history in writing project proposals and managing EU-funded ICT research and innovation projects. Our team can help you in selecting the best Horizon Europe call and preparing a winning proposal.

About Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe, the EU’s key research and innovation programme (2021-2027) dedicates over 35% of its budget to addressing climate change. It funds projects that develop new technologies and foster sustainability in key digital domains. The focus topics addressed within Horizon Europe are all-round, from a reliable assessment and reduction of the environmental footprint of the European Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum to the evolution of 6G and the future telecommunication networks.

Horizon Europe is structured into six clusters including:

  1. Health
  2. Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Society
  3. Civil Security for Society
  4. Digital, Industry and Space
  5. Climate, Energy and Mobility
  6. Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment