R&I Projects


SPIRIT is a Horizon Europe Innovation Action that aims to realise Europe’s first multi-site and interconnected framework to support the operation of heterogeneous collaborative telepresence applications at large scale through relevant technology innovations. 

The ambition is to bring real-time immersive experiences to practice by developing, combining and integrating a set of advanced technologies at application and network levels to ensure secure, inclusive and context-aware access to a number of services.

The role of Digital for Planet is to lead a broad set of outreach communication and media activities and provide support to the coordination of the project and by managing the Open Calls.

More about SPIRIT: www.spirit-project.eu

6G-NTN is a Horizon Europen Research and Innovation Action that aims to research and develop the innovative technical, regulatory, and standardization enablers needed to ensure the full-fledged integration of the NTN component into the 6G system. 
The goal is to meet vertical industry and consumer market expectations, promote European industrial leadership in these sectors, and directly contribute to the support of the Horizon Europe strategic plan’s Key Strategic Orientations A and B. In this regard, 6G-NTN aspires to be the NTN flagship project for the research and development of the NTN component of 6G, as well as drive its standardization phase in 3GPP as part of Release 20.
More about 6G-NTN: www.6g-ntn.eu

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