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Green Cloud-Edge-IoT Computing

The combination of Cloud-Edge-IoT convergence and data economy take-off presents a unique and extremely promising opportunity for the green transition of our society and economy

However, the speed at which these technologies are implemented escalates the widespread demand for processing power. According to the green paper released by the Horizon 2020 H-CLOUD project, in the next three years, 50% of European enterprises should have integrated IT/OT governance models and as much as 40% of manufacturers will transition to cloud environments. Such mass transition will create even greater complexity, further obscuring the state of energy consumption. This expected growth in energy consumption might impede the EU’s 2030 Carbon Neutrality Goals

While there is no doubt that technological progress will continue, it is clear that it must also lead to create means and initiate concrete actions to neutralize negative aspects of digital transformation and support a sustainable digital transformation of our society and economy.


Working Group

The Digital for Planet Green Cloud-Edge-IoT Computing Working Group focuses on measuring and improving Cloud-Edge-IoT energy and environmental footprint and identifying major challenges and priorities.


Digital for Planet Working Group_Connect

Analysing, connecting, and participating in programmes to study and assess the footprint of the Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum.

Digital for Planet Working Group_Investigate

Scouting, investigating, and proposing architecture, models, and technical solutions to reduce the footprint.

Digital for Planet Working Group_Study

Assessing, discussing, developing, and proposing approaches and guidelines for policy development in the domain of sustainable and energy-efficient ICT.

Discussing, supporting, and promoting initiatives dealing with social, economic, and behavioural aspects of sustainable digital transformation.

Digital for Planet Working Group_Develop

Identifying and studying policy-driven and regulatory frameworks for sustainable Cloud-Edge-IoT development and usage, aiming to create liaisons with relevant stakeholders.

Why join the Green Cloud-Edge-IoT Computing Working Group?

  • Contribute to shaping a more sustainable Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum at a European level.
  • Discuss and develop new proposal ideas and projects to advance environmental sustainability along the entire value chain.
  • Accelerate research and innovation priorities of EU policies. 
  • Get the latest information on the available EU funding opportunities.
  • Extend your scientific network and build quality partnerships with experts and stakeholders from key disciplines and initiatives. 
  • Promote your outcomes, technologies, and know-how.

Who can participate?

Representatives from organisations that are part of the Digital for Planet community eager to pave the way to a sustainable Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum.
Interested in contributing to this Working Group but not a Digital for Planet member yet? Learn how to become a member and get involved!

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