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Join our community and play  an active role in accelerating sustainability across the digital sector. 

Digital for Planet welcomes all organisations, including SMEs, large industry players, academic institutions and research centres, municipalities and public authorities, associations, as well as individuals.


As a member of Digital for Planet, you benefit from the extensive experience and network of our community.
Discover the benefits of becoming a member:

  • Shape sustainable digital innovation: contribute shaping the Digital for Planet agenda, join our Working Groups, nominate members for the Advisory Board, and access the expertise of our experts and shared resources.
  • Discover synergies with other D4P members: collaborate with innovators, researchers, public authorities, and associations on joint R&I proposals and projects.
  • Seize EU funding: get support to discover and access relevant EU funding opportunities for sustainable digital innovation.
  • Influence EU research policies: take part in policy-driven discussions to amplify the strategic and regulatory-driven efforts towards Europe’s green digital transformation. 
  • Collaborate with our partner ecosystem: profit from strong partnerships with major players in the European ICT ecosystem.
  • Increase the exposure for your organisation: gain visibility and opportunities to grow your business and community across the Digital for Planet communication channels. 
  • Participate in Digital for Planet sponsored events: get a preferential selection of speakers and panellists  and participate in selected events with discounted/free passes.


Ready to join? Leave a green mark on Europe’s digital future. Discover our membership programme, choose the formula that suits you best and enter the Digital for Planet community.


  • Large industry players: € 5’000 per year
  • Research centers / academic institutions: € 1’500 per year
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises/startups: € 1’500 per year
  • Municipalities / Public authorities: € 1’500 per year
  • NGOs / Non-profit: € 500 per year


Associate members are individual persons that can participate in all activities of the D4P Association, including the General Assembly. They do not hold voting rights and are not eligible to be elected to be part of the Executive Committee.

  • D4P associate members pay an annual membership fee of 250 €.
  • D4P annual membership fee for students is 100 €.
Become a member of Digital for Planet
Logo D4P dark green


We are thrilled about your interest in joining Digital for Planet!

The application process to become a member takes just a few minutes.
Just follow the next steps:

Fill in the Membership Form here with the information required to get the application process started. Your application request will be reviewed and subsequently approved by the General Assembly. With their green light, you will receive the notification of the formal acceptance together with the Digital for Planet Bylaws/statutes and the Declaration of Support as a Digital for Planet member to be carefully read, signed, and sent back. 

Need any support with your application? Do not hesitate to contact the Digital for Planet team at [email protected].

We look forward to welcoming you to the Digital for Planet community!