Society and Next-Generation Networks: Digital for Planet at the Vision of Future Communications Summit

Digital for Planet will be at the 4th Vision of Future Communications Summit taking place on November 7-8 in Lisbon. This top-quality research event aims to identify key research areas in information and communication technologies in the mid-future of 7 to 10 years. 

The scientific and industrial community is focusing its efforts to make 6G a reality by 2030 and enable ultra-fast connectivity. While this is set to improve the digital experience of a wide world population percentage, next-generation communication networks come with a set of significant challenges, which include energy demand and efficiency, infrastructure needs, new economic models, standardization and regulation, security and space. 

However, with the development of technology and its close relationship to society, a new set of challenges is starting to appear beyond the horizon. A key issue lies in designing networks that not only excel in performance but also align with ethical values. This convergence often generates concerns in privacy, accessibility, and sustainability that stem from the complex relationships between advanced communication networks and the society they’re meant to serve.  

The way forward 

 The upcoming challenges emphasize how adopting a multidisciplinary and holistic approach becomes instrumental to better understand and overcome social obstacles to future 6G development and deployment, creating the right conditions for widespread use and acceptance by society.  

 “Collaboration with significant partnerships and organizations such as The European Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) and 5GPPP will be crucial to steer key strategic moments and capitalize on good quality information to facilitate trust and acceptance” says Massimo Neri, CTO of Martel Innovate. 

 Digital for Planet is a key partner in the 6G4Society CSA, winner of the SNS Societal Challenges topic and coordinated by Martel Innovate. The project aims to take a comprehensive and multidisciplinary view of future technology development. It emphasizes human-centered aspects and considers specific applications in vertical areas like the environment and health. A specific task force within the project is particularly focused on user acceptance, ensuring that societal and sustainability values are effectively integrated into the technology. 

In a post-6G world, the confluence of technology and sustainability will be dynamic and intricate.  It becomes evident that the roadmap ahead should be navigated with a balance of innovation and preservation, and as D4P we stand at the forefront, setting out to lead by example and ignite meaningful change. 

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