D4P President Dr Monique Calisti talks to Diário de Notícias about the role of AI in fighting climate change

Dr Monique Calisti, President and Founder, Digital for Planet. © Leonardo Negrão/Global Imagens

Digital for Planet president and founder Dr Monique Calisti was interviewed by Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias, one of the oldest and most renown newspapers of the country, while attending the Digital with Purpose Summit . The event, held in Lisbon, gathered leading voices from the private and public sector working to enable a sustainable digital transformation.

In her interview, Dr Monique Calisti described how AI is an essential tool in the path to sustainability, while emphasizing the importance of responsible and well-regulated use and implementation.

“It is necessary to rethink our legislative systems as well as the skills of the people in charge of creating them. The speed at which legislation will be able to adapt is the key to the AI revolution”, says Dr Monique Calisti.


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