Digital for Planet joins the European Green Digital Coalition: Together to reinforce the EU’s green and digital leadership.

Digital for Planet is proud to announce its collaboration with the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) as a Supporting Partner. This partnership highlights Digital for Planet’s commitment to championing environmentally conscious practices and fostering a sustainable digital transition.

The European Green Digital Coalition, launched on Digital Day 2021 in Porto, is a groundbreaking initiative that brings together visionary leaders from the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. Comprising 26 CEOs who signed a Declaration in support of the Green and Digital Transformation of the European Union, the Coalition is backed by the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the EU Council.

The primary goal of the EGDC is to harness the emission-reducing potential of digital solutions across various sectors. Recognizing the need for science-based methodologies, the Coalition aims to estimate and drive the reduction and avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions by specific ICT solutions. By doing so, the EGDC aims to accelerate sustainability and circular transitions in sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture, and construction.

Initiated by MEP Valérie Hayer and supported by the European Commission, the EGDC European Parliament Pilot Project has been crucial in advancing the Coalition’s mission.

As a Supporting Partner of the EGDC, Digital for Planet will actively collaborate with the Coalition’s Secretariat, the European Commission, and industry experts. Together, we will work towards fulfilling the commitments of the EGDC and contribute to an innovative, inclusive, and resilient society.

Digital for Planet looks forward to playing a key role in enabling a green and digital transition. By leveraging sustainable digital practices, we aim to drive positive environmental impact and contribute to the overarching goals of the EGDC.

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