The European Commission recently published the Horizon Europe strategic plan for 2025-2027. Acting as a bridge between EU policy priorities and the research and innovation (R&I) activities detailed in the Horizon Europe work programmes, this plan offers three key strategic orientations to the two-year cycle of Horizon Europe work programmes.

For 2025-2027, Horizon Europe’s key strategic orientations will focus on the green transition, the digital transition, and building a more resilient, competitive, inclusive and democratic Europe. These strategic orientations for research and innovation are focused on achieving a fair transition to a climate-neutral and resilient society, preventing and preparing for disasters, addressing multiple threats, enhancing border management and situational awareness, advancing cybersecurity, and strengthening social and economic resilience.

The three key strategic orientations will guide all parts of Horizon Europe and will be translated into specific research and innovation activities. The implementation of the strategic directions will involve funding research projects, supporting innovation and technology transfer, fostering collaboration and partnerships, promoting interdisciplinary approaches, and ensuring the alignment of national and EU research strategies. The strategic orientations are now the guiding principles for Horizon Europe and will be implemented through the work programmes. The Horizon Europe main Work Programme 2025 will be developed following the orientations of the newly adopted strategic plan. In April 2024, the Commission will launch a feedback opportunity for the Work Programme 2025 open to all stakeholders.

“Seeing the green and digital transitions as main focuses for the European Commission’s vision for 2025-2027 is highly exciting news. These strategic orientations show that sustainability is at the centre of the work of many European stakeholders, and this common effort is paving the way for a more inclusive, just and sustainable Europe. At Digital4Planet, our project portfolio puts an emphasis on the green digital transition, and we are excited to continue shaping technology for good, said Dr Monique Calisti, President of Digital4Planet.


About the Horizon Europe strategic plan

The Horizon Europe strategic plan for 2025-2027 builds on an extensive analysis conducted by the Commission services, including a gap analysis on the missing topics and potential gaps within the intervention areas provided in the Horizon Europe legal basis. The strategic plan has been co-created by Commission services and co-designed with the European Parliament, Member States and Associated Countries as well as more than 2000 stakeholders and citizens who have contributed at various stages of the strategic planning process for Horizon Europe. Since its start in 2021, Horizon Europe has been generating excellence breakthrough knowledge and investment in solutions to long-term global challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, digital transformation, health threats and an ageing population. Visit the Horizon Europe to get more details:

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