The 10th edition of the IoT week gathered representatives from industry, academia, and public service from Europe and beyond to identify concrete technological and societal challenges and share their views on how innovation and technology can serve society better.

The rising climate change awareness has caused the popularization of sustainability and the realization that we need to do things differently, and above all, more effectively. With the focus shifting toward finding new solutions to fight climate change, innovation and technological advancements, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), present a promising way forward. IoT is estimated (by Boston Consulting Group) to boom into a $267 billion industry by the end of 2021 and promises to help us transform our places and spaces into more sustainable environments. From individual homes and offices to districts and entire cities, we can expect a fundamental change and a significant improvement in the way we live and work.

The opening session

On August 31, 2021, Digital for Planet President, Dr. Monique Calisti spoke at the IoT Week opening session “Next-generation IoT for a Sustainable Future” moderated by Sébastien Ziegler, the President of the IoT Forum and the Director of Mandat International. In her insightful presentation, Dr. Calisti shared her view on IoT by presenting it from two different perspectives: as an enabler to address climate change and the responsible for energy overconsumption. She emphasized the enormous potential of digital technologies while urging the audience to rethink their digital habits and pay closer attention to the ever-growing culture of disposability.

Watch the recording if the entire session here

Dr. Calisti spoke next to experts, such as Pearse O’Donohue, Director at DG Connect – Directorate “Future Networks”, Chaesub Lee from the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, Juergen Sturm, Chair of the Management Board at AIOTI, Joann O´Brien, Vice President at TM Forum, and Thomas Hahn, President of BDVA and Chief Expert Software at Siemens.

Her full presentation is available here.

About IoT Week

IoT Week is an annual event organized by the IoT Forum since 2011. Each year, the IoT Week conference gathers numerous thought leaders from the worlds of research, industry, business, technology, and science so that they can shed light on the future of technology and its impact on business and life. Learn more about IoT Week.