D4P President Advocates for Environmental and Societal Role of Future 6G Networks at the one6G Lecture 

Dr Monique Calisti, the President and Founder of Digital for Planet, took part in the Open Lecture “Sustainability in 6G” organised by the one6G association on June 15, 2023. The event brought together renowned experts and stakeholders to explore the crucial role of 6G technology in establishing a sustainable ecosystem. The panel session was moderated by Artur Hecker, Director of Future Network Technologies at Huawei MRC.


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During her participation, Monique shared insights into the early requirements for building, operating, and deploying sustainable next-generation networks. She highlighted the unique opportunity to design technologies that will form the foundation of our digital society. Monique emphasised the importance of ensuring that 6G networks are sustainable by design, offering societal and environmental benefits beyond economic and technological indicators. Additionally, she stressed the significance of securing European Union technological sovereignty and leadership in the field.
To date, Digital for Planet collaborates with researchers, innovators, and representatives from organisations and civil societies who are interested in promoting zero pollution communication networks. The Working Group aims to address the sustainability challenges of the next generation of smart networks and technologies.

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In her presentation, Monique underlined the necessity of establishing a consistent methodological framework to assess not only the direct impacts of 6G technologies but also their indirect effects on the environment and society. In line with the work carried out by the Smart Network and Services (6G SNS) initiative, she explained the potential of identifying common Key Value Indicators (KVIs) to emphasise the environmental and societal value of 6G and facilitate consensus and acceptance. 

Monique concluded her intervention by stating, “There must be an ethical and value-based approach from the beginning, where policy and regulation work closely with technology development to ensure a common approach to sustainable development. This approach is crucial to prevent mistrust and misinformation regarding the potential of technology to benefit individuals and society. Early engagement of diverse stakeholders beyond ICT players is of utmost importance.”

To watch Monique’s full presentation, click here, and to rewatch the entire panel discussion of the Open Lecture “Sustainability in 6G,” click here.