SNS Calls 2023 are now open for application

January 30, 2023

The Smart Network and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) launches its second Call for Proposals 2023.

Researchers and innovators working to advance 6G networks and services in Europe, as well as develop test and pilot infrastructure capabilities can now apply for funding through the second SNS Call for Proposals. The total budget for this second batch of SNS Calls is €132 million, and project proposals can be submitted until April 25, 2023.

The funded projects will build on the 35 SNS Phase 1 projects chosen from the initial SNS Calls for Proposals. D4P’s newest project, 6G-NTN, was one of the first Call winners. Digital for Planet works with an outstanding consortium of leading industry, SMEs, and academia on 5G/6G research to advance the resilience and sustainability of next-generation communication networksLearn more about the 6G-NTN partners and goals

More about SNS JU and its funding opportunities 

The European Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking is a Public-Private Partnership aimed at facilitating and developing industrial leadership in 5G and 6G networks and services in Europe. The SNS JU funds projects that engage a critical mass of European stakeholders and facilitate international cooperation on various 6G initiatives to create a solid research and innovation (R&I) roadmap and deployment agenda.