Digital for Planet – D4P President Dr. Monique Calisti is one of the TOP 100 most important Digital Shapers of Switzerland 2021 in the category “The Nature Techies”. This was announced on 23 September 2021 by BILANZ, in cooperation with Handelszeitung, Le Temps and digitalswitzerland. For the sixth time, the three Swiss main media outlets and the cross-industry initiative have chosen the 100 most important people in Switzerland who are driving digitisation in the country. 

I feel honoured to be Swiss Digital Shaper 2021”, said Dr. Calisti. “It has always been my passion to accelerate digital innovation and to change the ICT industry for the good of our society and planet. I look forward to all future endeavours on that road”.

Dr. Monique Calisti is a passionate entrepreneur and ICT expert featuring a digital soul and consolidated hands-on experience in digital innovation. Next to successfully running her own company, the ICT innovation consultancy Martel Innovate in Zurich, Monique is actively shaping the Internet of the Future in Europe by serving as Director of the EU Next Generation Internet Outreach Office. In addition, Dr. Calisti has recently founded the non-profit association Digital for Planet which aims to support the design, development, and deployment of sustainable digital technologies, systems, and solutions, empowering people, communities, and public and private organisations to address the major social, economic, and environmental challenges facing humanity.

As Digital Shaper 2021 in the “Nature Techies” category, Dr. Calisti is being portrayed in the current print and online edition of BILANZ, Handelszeitung. In the next weeks and months to come, she will take part in several Digital Shaper events organised by digitalswitzerland.

Learn more about Dr. Calisti here, follow her on Twitter, and connect with her on LinkedIn.