Highlights from Ecomondo 2022

From November 8 to 11, Digital for Planet participated in the 25th edition of Ecomondo in Rimini (Italy), the benchmark event for the green and ecological transition in the whole Mediterranean area.

With over 1.400 exhibitor stands and 160 organised sessions, Ecomondo is the crossroad of innovators, SMEs, industry, and stakeholders eager to discuss the development of the green economy. Take a closer look into the featured topics and R&I projects that are paving the way for a more sustainable Europe.

Digital technology is a valued ally in the fight against climate change 

In this year’s edition, the covered topics were numerous, spanning from circular economy to waste management, from soil and sea regeneration to sustainable blue growth, as well as solutions and technologies focusing on sustainable cities, smart communities and mobility. Across all these areas, digital technologies and solutions are essential components to advance sustainability and boost green innovation, such as:

Highlights from Ecomondo 2022

  • Earth-observing satellites and space-borne technology are shrinking in size as remote sensing miniatures and are increasingly flown in constellations to provide greater coverage and more frequent revisit times.
  • The increased volume and open availability of satellite-generated data can assist scientists in better monitoring and understanding the effects of climate change on our environment. They are also valuable assets for policymakers in implementing more targeted actions and policies in relevant sectors ranging from agriculture to bio and blue economies to biobased industries.
  • Digital Twin/AI and Big Data-based simulation technologies are indispensable to overcoming and mitigating climate change emergencies but also to managing more efficient processes and resources across a variety of sectors.

The journey to research, develop, demonstrate, and apply these technologies in real-world use case scenarios is both exciting and demanding. The Digital for Planet team is well-equipped to assist you in boosting your project, thanks to extensive knowledge of the ICT domain and unrivaled expertise in funding acquisition, project management and dissemination of results. Get in touch.

EU funding for sustainable innovation projects

Highlights from Ecomondo 2022Strong public support is required to advance sustainable innovation projects. As a result, in addition to the current EU funding mechanism and programmes, the European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) launched GREEN ASSIST, the Green Advisory Service for Sustainable Investments Support. Funded with EUR 30 million from the LIFE Programme, GREEN ASSIST helps beneficiaries to prepare green or greener investment projects, across diversified sectors, for instance by integrating nature-based solutions or circular economy principles.  

The European Commission also hosted and presented over 50 green innovation projects that were able to bring their innovative sustainable solutions to life thanks to EU funding. Check out the Digital for Planet portfolio of EU-funded R&I projects for sustainable digital innovation in satellite communications and more.


What are the takeaways from Ecomondo?

Digital innovation, technologies, and solutions are critical to achieving the European Green Deal Goals and ensuring Europe’s green transition. However, while they are critical for addressing the major environmental and societal challenges, process optimisation, physical consumption reduction, connectivity, and access to services are all important factors to consider.

Making digital innovation more sustainable is the way to go. Join Digital for Planet, an open network of organisations and individuals dedicated to green digital transformation and raising digital sustainability awareness in Europe and beyond. Find more information here.