Digital Sustainability and IoT

In a new post-COVID era, the Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating and facilitating new trends such as home working, new mobility challenges, and the digitalisation of the economy. But what about the contribution of these technologies to mitigate climate change and ensure sustainable development?

Digital sustainability could not be missed at IoTWeek 2022, the flagship conference that gathered over 700 participants and world experts from business, tech and academia to shed light on the future of IoT technologies. “The green and digital transition it’s the key for industry, for the competitiveness, but also for the society. So we have to create an ecosystem to bring together different communities and to engage the research and innovation stakeholders to bring new solutions to the challenges that we are facing”, said Dr. Monique Calisti, President of D4P.

Digital for Planet’s Insights from IoTWeek 2022

On June 20-23, 2022, Digital for Planet participated at IoTWeek 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. After a fantastic and intense week, the D4P team collected the key takeaways on the most trending topics in digital sustainability and IoT, spanning from smart communities to next-generation IoT and edge computing domains:

  • IoT technologies have a crucial role to play in driving Europe towards climate neutrality and ensuring the sustainable development of our society. Several digital technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Edge are promising enablers of the green and digital transition and combined, they could lead to a reduction of up to 15%-20% of total emissions
  • Becoming aware and measuring ICT’s CO2 footprint, including our digital one, is the first step to fully leveraging the potential of green digital solutions
  • It is the moment to embed sustainability as a founding principle across EU research, fostering collaboration among innovators and SMEs
  • The level of commitment on both private and public sides to invest in digital for the planet s promising. Nevertheless, consistent funding and financial incentives are still required to boost the sustainable and digital transformation journey of all the stakeholders.


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