Digital for Planet Repository on Sustainable Digital Technology Insights

Digital for Planet – D4P has recently launched a repository with useful resources related to sustainable digital technologies. The database includes good practices in the green tech domain, carbon footprint data as well as digital clean-up and green surfing tips and much more.

Have a look for instance at the D4P “Re-think your digital habits” White Paper, which gives you an overview of how exactly our digital actions impact our planet and provides you with easy tips and tricks that can help you “greening” your digital habits. 

You can download it here. Also interesting, especially for digital designers, is the overview of Vaida Pakulyte, which provides 11 tips on how to reduce the carbon footprint of websites, have a look at them here. For those planning a digital spring clean-up, these recommendations shared during the European Green Week of Waste Reduction serve as good starting point for inspiration. Our resources database offers much more interesting material, have a look at here. The resources provided show that even small actions and changes of our digital habits can lower our digital carbon footprint. Every one of us can contribute, it is time to act now!

Digital for Planet is committed to the green digital transformation of our society to empower people and protect our planet. Therefore, we are engaged in a number of initiatives across several research and innovation areas, that promote the development and adoption of greener digital technologies and solutions to protect our environment while boosting the fast recovery and sustainable growth of our society and economy.