Digital for Planet Joins 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) as COOP Member

Digital for Planet announces its membership in the esteemed 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) under the COOP category. 

The 6G-IA serves as the leading voice of European Industry and Research for next-generation networks and services, aiming to advance Europe’s leadership in 5G evolution and emerging 6G technologies. With a focus on collaboration between private and public sectors, the 6G-IA fosters innovation and drives strategic initiatives in areas such as standardisation, R&D projects, and international cooperation.

Digital for Planet’s alignment with the mission and vision of the 6G-IA highlighta its commitment to driving sustainable digital transformation globally. By becoming a member, Digital for Planet aims to contribute to Europe’s leadership in next-generation networks and services, particularly in advancing the twin goals of digitalization and sustainability. As part of its membership commitment, Digital for Planet will participate in 6G IA Working Groups, which are open to 6G IA Members and representatives of ongoing SNS JU projects. These Working Groups address critical issues and publish consolidated views established within the SNS Community, contributing to the advancement of industry standards and technological innovation. 

We are thrilled to join the esteemed community of telecoms and digital actors within the 6G-IA,” said Monique Calisti, President of Digital for Planet. As an organization deeply committed to the twin green and digital transitions, we look forward to collaborating with industry leaders, research institutes, and other stakeholders to advance innovation and promote sustainability in next-generation networks and services. 

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