Digital for Planet in action for BNP Paribas

Digital for Planet – D4P President Dr Monique Calisti gave a keynote speech on green digital habits and the future of sustainable technology in front of employees of the French international banking group BNP Paribas Fortis S.A. located in Brussels. Dr Calisti was invited to present in the course of an internal BNP Paribas Fortis communications campaign called “Refresh” that aimed at creating awareness for and fostering sustainable digital behaviour among BNP Paribas Fortis staff.

In her presentation, Dr Calisti provided an overview of recent evidence on the negative environmental impact of current digital habits, and she proposed effective, hands-on activities BNP Paribas Fortis employees can engage in to change their digital behaviour for the good of our planet. Some of these activities can be found in the D4P “Re-Think your Digital Habits” White Paper that was published earlier this year and can be downloaded here.

“Re-think your Digital Habits” White PaperIn addition, Dr Calisti provided insights into Next Generation green Cloud-Edge-IoT Computing solutions that can lower our digital carbon footprint while accelerating productivity. She highlighted that all sectors of business and society will increasingly rely on the Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum because decentralisation is faster, greener, more private and secure and it reduces latency and energy consumption. D4P is at work developing technologies and policies to ensure the development of an eco-friendly Cloud-Edge-IoT-empowered market accessible to both public and private organisations. To that end, the non-profit association has established a dedicated working group focusing on this area. Find out more about the working group here.

Finally, in the last part of her keynote, Dr Calisti gave an outlook on what a sustainable digital future may look like, highlighting already existing best practices in other firms, organisations, and initiatives. As an example, she mentioned Orchestra Cities, an open source platform for smart cities service provisioning, connecting citizens, data, devices and services that enables several applications scenarios addressing pollution through real-time data collection and elaboration. Learn more about the platform here.

D4P intends to drive and promote the adoption of sustainable digital technologies across a variety of domains to help organisations, businesses, communities, and cities develop sustainably, in line with the European Green Deal objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are always on the lookout for interesting collaboration opportunities, so please get in touch!