FIWARE Foundation, welcome on board!

Digital for Planet is happy to welcome the FIWARE Foundation as its partner


Digital for Planet and the FIWARE Foundation join forces to accelerate the adoption of green digital technologies and assist smart cities and communities in growing sustainably.

Dr Monique Calisti, President of Digital for Planet and Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the FIWARE Foundation signed the memorandum of understanding to seal the partnership on the renowned stage of the FIWARE Global Summit on the 14th of September 2022.

“To have a real positive impact on our society and economy, communities at work on common goals and sharing the same values must come together. By signing this memorandum of understanding, Digital for Planet and the FIWARE Foundation liaise and join forces to be more effective in tackling complex challenges associated with sustainable and digital transformation. Together we will push stronger the transition to green digital technologies and solutions, helping businesses and public institutions migrate to sustainable products, services, and business models”, said Dr Monique Calisti.

About the Partnership

This collaboration is a significant step forward for both organisations, which are committed to fostering the development of open, inclusive, and sustainable digital technologies and solutions that will empower individuals and organisations in addressing the climate crisis and the most pressing environmental challenges.

In this partnership, FIWARE brings on board its community and expertise, especially in the area of climate-neutral and sustainable smart cities, and will contribute towards common interests and initiatives by stimulating participation in Digital for Planet activities and Working Groups. Digital for Planet will contribute by helping raise awareness about green digital initiatives, policies, and EU funding opportunities to the whole FIWARE community but also promoting sustainable digital technologies, applications, and products developed within the FIWARE ecosystem.

Digital for Planet is excited to collaborate with the FIWARE Foundation to ensure that digital transformation and sustainability go hand in hand, bringing new expertise to our community and maximising the impact of our efforts.

About Digital for Planet

Digital for Planet is a non-profit organisation that works towards research, innovation, development, and adoption of sustainable technologies. The Association drives and promotes the adoption of green digital transformation across a variety of domains to help businesses, public institutions, communities, and cities develop sustainably, in line with the European Green Deal objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to build and grow a strong network of private, public, and research institutions that advance the adoption of green digital technologies via its core topics: Green Cloud-Edge-IoT computing; Climate-neutral and sustainable smart cities; Sustainable next-generation Internet; Zero-pollution communication networks.

About FIWARE Foundation

FIWARE Foundation is a non-profit organisation that drives the definition and encourages the adoption of open standards (implemented using Open Source technologies) that ease the development of smart solutions across domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart AgriFood and Smart Industry, based on FIWARE technology. Founded in 2016, the foundation has Atos, Engineering, NEC, Red Hat, Telefónica, and Trigyn Technologies amongst its Platinum members. Only by truly eliminating the existing technical and commercial obstacles hindering the effective usage of meaningful data, smart digital solution providers will be able to move forward and drive the market up, based on FIWARE technology.